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Banners PVC

Banners PVC


The delivery is included in the price. Our industry grade banners are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Flame resistant to DIN4102. The most popular of banners, used for a variety of events such as campaigns, events and party's. The banners will be hemmed and eyeletted (holes) at equal distribution along the hem. Please advise us if you do not require the hem or the eyelet. If you require your banner to be passed through a pole then you will require pole pockets. the diameter of the pole pocket should be mentioned in your order to us. All text should be 60mm away from the of the edge of the banner to allow us to hem and eyelit the banner without cutting into your design. Call us on 020 8863 4411 or email [email protected] for any specific sizes. Prices are plus VAT at checkout.

1 ft = 0.3048 metres, 1 metre = 3.28 feet : 1ft = 30.48cm, 3048mm, 12 inches

PVC Banners (inclusive of delivery)

2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft 7ft 8ft
2 ft-------
3 ft£26.38£30.32---£36.48-
4 ft£29.27£33.15£38.15----
5 ft£32.27£39.10£42.03£50.86---
6 ft£39.16£45.04£39.42£60.80£71.00--
7 ft£36.15£43.32£58.80£70.00£89.00£104.00-
8 ft£43.15£47.03£66.69£84.00£99.00£129.00£170.00
9 ft£45.04£56.86£74.00£97.00£119.00£156.00£197.00
10 ft£47.03£63.80£89.00£106.00£154.00£189.00£212.00
11 ft£36.42£69.00£93.00£129.00£172.00£208.00£181.00
12 ft£50.92£74.00£101.00£149.00£196.00£217.00-
13 ft£56.91£79.00£112.00£171.00£209.00£189.00£219.00
14 ft£57.80£89.00£139.00£179.00£219.00-£225.00
15 ft£59.80£97.00£150.00£199.00£189.00--
16 ft£68.69£101.00£169.00£211.00-£224.00£269.00
17 ft£70.00£107.00£174.00£223.00£209.00£259.00-
18 ft£71.00£116.00£193.00£189.00£215.00--
19 ft£79.00£149.00£207.00-£239.00--
20 ft£84.00£155.00£213.00£209.00£259.00£289.00£239.00
21 ft£89.00£158.00£218.00£219.00-£301.00£339.00
22 ft£93.00£173.00£181.00£221.00-£309.00-
23 ft£99.00£176.00£189.00£236.00£289.00--
24 ft£104.00£198.00-£259.00£299.00--
25 ft£106.00£206.00£209.00-£309.00--
26 ft£107.00£210.00-£269.00---
27 ft£119.00£214.00£216.00£279.00£339.00-£449.00
28 ft£129.00£220.00£226.00----
29 ft£149.00£227.00£239.00----
30 ft£153.00£189.00-----